About SociallyUP

Meet the Faces Behind SociallyUP!

We are a creative team with a passion for small business. We’re also a driven team dedicated to creating meaningful relationships with our clients while producing real results!

We are real people making real connections while we help you reach your small business social media goals! That is who we are! Real Life Relatable People who know the ups, downs, and ins and outs of social media and influence!

Your Social Media presence is a powerful tool. Let’s work together! We will work to create the best reflection of you and your business! We have simple goals. Be Real, Be Relatable, Meet Client Goals. You won’t find typical stuffy marketing tactics from us. We’re goal oriented with a fresh outlook!        


Meet Our Co-Founder and Content Director


Regina Helton, the Co-founder of SociallyUP. SociallyUP is Regina’s dream job! Regina is a no nonsense kind of lady. She likes fresh and new social marketing tactics. Regina has a strong passion for entrepreneurs and small business owners with a dream of creating, producing, and bringing their dreams and passions to life. Her passion for small business runs deep. She comes from a strong entrepreneurial focused professional and family background. Regina has always had an entrepreneurial heart! Regina loves to create, laugh, and get to know her clients. She can jump in and continue a conversation with a total stranger. By the end of the conversation, you’ll be friends!

She is Business Passionate!

Regina has merged everything she is business passionate and extensively knowledgeable about into one awesome company. She has combined her love of small business with the exciting aspects of marketing and branding with social media. Regina has worked in a variety of backgrounds. Everything from restaurant and medical, to small business owner. She has participated in numerous business launches over the years including, small business branding and marketing, online retail, vintage retail, brick & mortar retail, photography, and life & style blogging (just to name a few). Regina earned her MA in Organizational Leadership which further developed and strengthened her strong business background.


A Message from Regina!

I am passionate about small business and small business owners. I want you to make it! I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve had success and failure. I know the excitement and fear of being a small business owner. I know the struggle of figuring it all out on your own. My work experiences, successes, failures, and educational background are each an invaluable learning experience. I’ve developed as an entrepreneur myself from each learning experience I’ve had. I’m able to determine with little hesitation what works and doesn’t work when it comes to small business. I would love to sit down with you and go over the services SociallyUP can offer you. My company is composed of a talented team of content planners/strategist, graphic designers, and sales. I know, without a doubt, we can fit exactly what you want socially for your brand and business. – With much thanks – Regina