Generation Z: Why Do They Love Social Media?

Social media has become a staple part of everyday life, especially for young adults and teens who make up Generation Z. The media encourages most activities that we do on a daily basis. From the services we use, to the products we buy, and even our daily rituals like eating. Whether it be on Google, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, people are constantly engaging in digital activity. So, why is Generation Z so unique and why is this group attracted to social platforms?


What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is represents people born between 1994-2012. These individuals are growing up in a society that is highly influenced by digital media. For small and medium-size businesses, Generation Z is important to engage with, because they bring the “buzz.” This Generation is surrounded by high levels of technology and is fascinated by the latest technological trends. Generation Z is crucial for an innovative future because many industries are ditching print and going digital. Generation Z will be able to navigate and grasp new technologies and concepts better than others will ever be able to. This is due to their lifelong exposure to innovative devices, products, and social platforms that are growing every year.


Being a part of Generation Z myself, social media is essentially the center of my life. I’d like to share a few reasons why…


Product Decisions

Social media has a major impact on the products I buy. I use Instagram to check out the latest food, fashion and travel trends. Social platforms like Instagram allow me to see what products are most popular and how effective they are, leading to whether I will make a purchase or not.



All of my favorite bloggers and celebrities have social platforms. I use social media to keep connected with their lives and the products that they recommend. Influencers are important for businesses because if people trust an influencer, they most likely will trust the products they recommend too!


News Outlets

Without my iPhone, I would not know the important news that happens on a daily basis. All of my go-to news outlets have “apps” that you can download on a mobile device. This way I am always in the loop on important current events.


Local Businesses

I have many favorite stores and restaurants that I go to on a weekly basis, and using social media helps me stay connected to and their latest trends, sales, and specials. Following a company on a social platform shows that you support their mission and the products they are selling.


New Connections

Social media allows me to make connections with people in the industry that I work in. It even led me to my current internship at SociallyUP and my future job this summer. I love that social media lets me connect with people that can help me grow my skills and knowledge in the media industry.



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