What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Website Designer

We have a few tips about what you need to know before hiring a website designer. Hiring a website designer and launching or relaunching your website is a huge deal, trust us, we know. When it comes to launching, designing or redesigning a website, you have a ton to consider. Here are a few tips we suggest you consider before you get started. Ideally, these things would be done at launch but no worries if your site has already launched. Some of these tips can be implemented at any point.


Research your Website Designer

When hiring a website designer, do your research on the website designer. Read through their Google Reviews and FB reviews. Don’t just trust the reviews they have on-site (if they have any). See what others have said through Google and social reviews. View their showcase, then look the sites up in their showcase. Why? If the person/company is no longer using the site they made, there may be a reason behind that. Sure, not everyone hangs around after a site design is complete. But if the majority have moved on to a new design, it’s definitely food for thought. Also, look for site examples your designer has made that match your industry.


Think About the Future


You really need to think about the future of your business and site. Where are you heading? What are your goals? What features do you think you’ll need now and later?  Do you need scheduling options, do you want people to meet your team online, to know your company story, do you want people to signup to your email list etc.? You need to know if your current theme will grow with you as you grow. Otherwise, within a year or so, you’ll have a website that is outdated and no longer fits your needs. Which leads to our next tip.


Who is Going to Take Care of your Site?


This is a very real question. who is going to take care of your site after the launch? Will your site need updates in order to run smoothly? It all depends on who and how the site was created. If your site will be a WordPress.org site using a pre-made theme, then yes, you’re going to need to make sure you keep the theme and plugins updated. If not, you’re at risk for site crashes, broken features, and malware attacks.


How Will the Site Work for you? What about SEO?


Is the site going to bring people in, drive sales, will it rank in search? A pretty site is simply a pretty site if it’s not designed and set up with SEO in mind. There are several steps that can be completed to help your site perform and to help people locate your site via search. Ask your designer if they help with SEO and if not, ask if the can refer you to someone who does. SEO is an ongoing piece of a site that performs well.


In Summary


Know your short term site goals and plan out as many of your long term goals as you can. Do your research on the site designer, ask questions, and verify their work. lastly, make sure you know how / or who will maintain the site. You’re more than likely going to want to make site changes, know the rates and fees for site changes after completion.


Not sure where to start?


Schedule a website chat with us! You can also view our showcase to see some sites we’ve designed. We maintain every site we build as well as sites we didn’t build. Our site design goal is simple: We design sites that make you happy, grow with you, and are 100% cared for by our in-house team.

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