Social Listening: Discover Who’s Talking About Your Brand

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is more than checking the number of likes on a photo or the comments people are writing. You must look at the bigger picture while digging deeper into specific topics that people are engaging in. Being an active social listener requires someone to track the following:

  • Topics
  • Keywords
  • Phrases
  • Brands or Industries

By doing so, you can collect data that can help analyze trends and create content for audiences. Social listening gives you the ability to take a situation, define why it is occurring and figure out how you can use it to benefit your business.


Situation Overview

Take the following situation for example: You are the owner of a coffee and beverage bar 2 blocks from a very active side of Indiana University’s campus. You realize that every Monday and Wednesday morning, an influx of students rush in between 10:30am-11:30am. It’s the most business you do all week and you want to know, why? After overhearing many students discussing their hectic class schedules, you realize those times that students come in are before class and when they have a break.


You decide to give a morning deal of 20% off a medium size beverage on Monday and Wednesday from 10am-11am. This attracts double the amount of students that came in before and your sales increase significantly. This is an example of social listening.


Other Benefits

Companies can benefit from social listening in other areas including identifying major trends, finding bloggers or organizations to partner with to help promote your business and managing reputation or crises.

  • Trends: determining where patterns lie within the conversations individuals are having online
  • Partners: bloggers or organizations who can help get your business recognized by target audiences
  • Reputation: opinions that people have about your business whether positive or negative

Start listening to the conversations around you! You will be surprised how much vital information you can learn by being an active listener in your industry.


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