What You Can Learn from Interning

Internships are incredible opportunities to gain valuable experiences in your future field of work. They can be used as networking opportunities and a means of learning new skills that can boost your resume. They can also result in making new friendships, which I was fortunate enough to have during my internship at SociallyUp. 

When choosing an internship, whether it is for credit or it is paid, it’s important to know the values of the company, the environment in which 

you will work in and what your daily duties will be. Here are some aspects of interning that you should consider before choosing an internship!


Company Values

In the past decade, companies have taken more interest in their interns than in previous years. You are valuable, and therefore you should research a bit to find out what the company values. How they treat their clients often reflect upon how they treat each other in the workplace. Before applying, check online reviews to see other peoples experiences working with the company. These reviews are usually accurate and can guide you towards whether you should apply or find a different opportunity.


Credit and Paid Internships

My internship at SociallyUP earned me 3 credits towards graduating. For many, this works if you are enrolled at a University and need to knock a class out, but for others, this will not work. Without SociallyUp, I would’ve had to take a sixth academic class this semester, which was not something I was ready for. Interning was a much better option and it gave me the opportunity to work with a fantastic team. As a college student, when choosing a credited, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this internship relate to my major and can I use it towards credit?
  • Will this internship help me gain experience in my field in order to find a future job?
  • Is the company located in close proximity to my university or housing?
  • Would commuting to this internship cut into my finances significantly?

If you are looking for a paid internship, look for a company that has a substantial internship program because the pay is usually fair and comes with other perks. This could include lunches, trips or networking opportunities. If a company asks you what is the salary you are looking for, don’t be afraid to tell them what you think is fair based off of your experience.


Work Environment

Working at SociallyUp was incredibly fun and a great learning experience. I felt valued and I enjoyed being around the people I work with. It’s hard to know if the environment is for you before you’re actually working there, but that is all part of the experience to see what you like best. Looking up reviews from the company’s past or current employees may give you some insight. This is also a great topic to discuss in your interview to get a better feel of the company!


Internship Programs

Some companies have internship programs, some do not, and others may be in the process of creating one. Depending on your year in school, amount of experience or general preferences, either of these options may work for you. At SociallyUP, we did not have an internship program this year but we did make one for Summer and Fall 2019! Visit www.sociallyup.com/careers for more information on how to apply! Regardless, I really enjoyed being able to shadow each person at the office and learn new skills each day. Being a floating intern also allowed me to have a more flexible schedule and not feel pressured to achieve something so specific. On the other hand, internship programs can be amazing. Usually if you are participating in one, there are other interns doing it with you that are following in the same career path!


I would highly recommend interning at a company like SociallyUp or even applying for one of our Fall 2019 positions. I will truly miss SociallyUP as I make my way to New York City to start my new career.

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