Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk

We all know you need a badass email campaign (newsletter) and email strategy right? The correct answer is yes. Email campaigns can be tricky. Some people believe in blasting them out in overdrive while others take a passive as-needed approach. Our agency philosophy is to be smart and authentic. Make sure you truly know your product/service and how you want to voice our product/service to your audience. Your newsletter or email campaign is your voice talking about your product. Use your voice to talk about your product, in the same tone you would talk to someone face to face. We believe in being authentic and using your natural voice along with a consistent brand image as the best overall approach.


So now that we’ve talked about the basics of an email newsletter let’s talk about platforms. Mailchimp remains a popular and great tool for newsletters which we still use for many clients. However, we found our agency was spending more time on the template design and not being as happy with the outcome as we would have liked to be. When we heard about Flowdesk we had to give it a look. Flodesk is extremely straightforward to use, reasonably priced, and the templates are modern and easily fully functional. We switched some of our clients to Flodesk and have loved the decision thus far. Here are some of the Flodesk features we love:

  • The user experience is incredibly simple and sleek
  • The templates are ready to use and incredibly modern
  • The pricing is super affordable
  • It has virtually zero learning curve
  • The newsletters look great on all devices

From a brand perspective, depending on what your industry is, Flowdesk may or may not be the best choice. In order to narrow down if it is a good choice here are some points to should consider.

  • Is your brand more industrial or creative?
  • Is it more word-heavy or image-heavy?
  • Do you want to funnel your clients through an email list or do you want to communicate in a one-on-one approach?
  • Do you want a modern feel with influencer vibes?

For creative entrepreneurs, those in marketing, influencers, and those who want a template that allows you to display text and images in a modern and beautifully trendy way can consider making the switch to Flowdesk. You can use code this link for 50% off.

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